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Great New Videos, Great New Prices!

Great New Videos, Great New Prices!

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Shotgun's hottest gay BDSM release - CBT like you've never seen it. New Release November 2017!

Take it from the TOP! #107

Four hugely sexy men are pulled, crushed and zapped into ball busting loads.

Buy Take it from the TOP! now for only $49!

Turnabout is Fair Play TWO #106

Chuck Mitchell and the tall bodybuilder from Beginner’s Luck 4 take turns smacking each others’ balls which quickly turns into real punching. Mutual squeezing advances to competitive ball crushing and Roger joins in with a few hundred slugs of his own.

Buy Turnabout is Fair Play TWO now for only $49!

Loose Cannons ONE #100

SPECIAL RELEASE coming August 12—Loose Cannons Vol. ONE

The video only Shotgun could make—over a full hour of all No-Hands Loads! One look and it’s clear to see, this is not any kind of trick camera work, this is load-after-spontaneous-load, all forced by the kind of ball torture that hurts so good you HAVE to shoot! You will NOT see anything like this-except when Loose Cannons TWO comes out next year.

Buy Loose Cannons Vol. One now for only $49!

Meanwhile check out these latest releases

Tall Dark and Handsome! #91

Newcomer Dolan Wolf is 6’ 2’, built, bearded, hung…and a kick-ass Top. He’s usually doing the ball hitting and crushing, but this time he has to deal with the same heavy torture! Jim Roberts is his Top, who expects his men to be as tough as he is.

Buy Tall Dark and Handsome now for only $49!

ElectroNutz! #101

Three guys—Built, Hairy, and Hung—get their limits tested with nut-cracking current. Inflicting this much genital torture on really muscular guys requires bondage that’s secure and strong enough to do the job!

Buy ElectroNutz! now for only $49!

Ball Tapping Targets! #83

Red headed, big dicked Sean Stevens proved in the video Beginner’s Luck FOUR that he turns on to real ball PAIN!
His sensitive (but tough!) balls are crushed nearly flat by the vise but to make the pain stop-- it doesn’t matter what he says--he has to shoot! What a great pain-driven load!
Then terrific newcomer Rod Palmer claimed he could take ‘any amount’ of Ball Tapping (which in his case is ball SLUGGING) and wanted to show off how tough he is. With his amazing bod and looks, its great to see he’s a man of his word-- we pounded on his nuts all day! These two great looking men didn’t really get ‘tapped’ in the nuts, they got SLUGGED......and came up shooting!

Buy Ball Tapping Targets now for $49!


Butch Dixon’s thick, strong cock & big tough balls are crushed and hit all day! He’s tied in the black leather straightjacket so he can’t make it stop. Roger crushes his balls with two adjustable wood clamps--twin ball vises! Butch’s incredible shooting pains force a completely vertical load! Then masculine and built Jim Roberts is chained to the dungeon ceiling with an electrical butt-plug deep inside his muscled ass. His balls are pulled from behind and BASHED with Roger’s heaviest club! The electricity is turned up to extreme levels! It hurts too much at first for Jim to shoot but Roger tortures him harder to drive both their loads!

Buy Relentless! now for $49

Muscle Dad Vol. TWO #81

Two of the stars from two of the most popular Shotgun Videos of all time return for a red hot rematch! Dirk Cherokee takes it like a man and big, built, Rocky looks bigger than ever--and in all the right places. We shot this slow-and-sensual connection in a soft focus deep red light to compliment the intense connection between these two. Although not a rough scene like most other Shotgun features, these men are in peak shape and give an absolutely peak performance of connections and passion!

Buy Muscle Dad Vol. TWO now for $49

Endurance Vol. FOUR #82

Jim Roberts endures the most diabolical predicament bondage and genital torture scene yet! His arms are spread wide with ropes that pull his balls up while being pulled down at the same time by his feet. Every time he moves he yanks harder on his testicles-but he HAS to! Handfuls of IcyHot, Tabasco, & BenGay are rubbed into his pits, his chest, up into his butt, and hard onto his balls and still-erect dick. As the intensity mounts he tries harder not to writhe in pain but breaks down and jerks away from Roger's grip!

Buy Endurance Vol. Four now for $49

Young Buck's Balls #84

Lief Kasse, star of Beginner’s Luck Four returns for a more intense session with the Master. It starts with hand squeezing and ball crushing, then Lief gets put into the black leather straight- jacket-- no way out! Lief’s genitals are tied and wired up as Roger zaps a huge load out of this big dick novice! Then smooth young Heinrich is back for heavy bondage, electro-stim, great ball crusing spurts and then some evil post-load tickle torture! Sounds ‘cute’eh? It's more intense than you think!

Buy Young Buck's Balls - $49

Excruciating Vol 8, #79

Buffed out Keith of Shotgun and Derek da Silva star in this painfest of needles, piercing, and sex! Keith is an experienced Top who is as physically safe as he is sadistic. Derek got needles in his dick, his scrotum, and even needles though his balls used as electrodes, along with a stainless steel SPIKE in his dick--and Keith electrified them all. Derek’s huge orgasm forced the heavy rod to pump up and down--a real 'hydraulic' load! Next Roger gives a brutal welcome to extreme pain scenes to a ‘newcomer’. Whit Masters is usually a Top, but wanted to know what relentless, heavy torture feels like. He is tied by 30 black mountaneering staps on a custom suspended bondage board and tortured until he comes.. and then tortured WELL past his ‘limits’.....no-exit! As a finale, Jim Roberts proves that extreme bondage isn’t necessary when you have his stunning pain tolerance --but who does? Jim puts his swelling balls on the top of a heavy post for Roger to hit, long and hard. Jim then takes a heavy rubber mallet in his own hands, places his nuts on the target, rears back and...well, it HURTS to get bigger balls!

Excruciating Vol. 8! - $69

Up-for-Grabs!, #77

Predicament bondage--when you can’t get free and you can’t move....but you have to move or you cramp up...except...when you move it REALLY hurts! Keith of Shotgun and Roger tie Matt into an insanely uncomfortable predicament and told him it would ‘only’ be for a half an hour. Matt had no idea how long 30 minutes can be when your balls are winched to the ceiling--but he sure as hell found out! Then Michael Evens gets his entire body suspended in the leather parachute harness so that Roger can pull, squeeze, and bash his balls. As tall as Michael is, you can easily see just how think and long that monster dick of his is, even when his balls are getting busted!

Buy Up for Grabs! - $49

Beginner's Luck Volume 4, #76

Sean Stevens had seen a Shotgun video and thought.... “Hey, I like getting tied down and having my balls crushed-- why not go to San Francisco? That guy Keith is so well built, maybe he would show me what electro-torture feels like if I promise to really take it! If you like ‘em YOUNG, hung, and full of cum, check out Sean’s shots! Then Roger ties down complete beginner 21 year old Leif Kaase. Like moths to flame, these beautiful young men come to the Shotgun dungeons to show us all what real courage is....

Buy Beginner's Luck Vol. 4 - $49

Shotgun's hottest gay BDSM release - CBT like you've never seen it. New releases November 23rd, 2011!

Eric Michaels’ Ball Bash, #80

The action starts with full bondage, black leather straightjacket, and blind-fold as the vise crushes thirteen (!) spurts out of our victim.

It hurt so good, a week later Eric asked Keith and Roger for the works--even more intense bondage and as much testicle and chest torture as he could stand—and then more to get them off!

Very few younger men are anywhere near as built or as tough as Eric, and few men of any age can translate relentless genital torture into this kind of genuine sexual ecstasy. Even though the pain brought him to tears, Eric just got harder and harder--he actually shot his brains out because the pain had turned to pleasure!

Buy Eric Michael's Ball Bash - $49

Tough Guy!, #78

THE ‘Tough guy’ could only be none other than Jim Roberts, the man who showed the nation how to turn on to extreme testicle torture. This masculine and built man doesn’t feel pain like ordinary men!

Over the course of a week we hit his tightly pulled balls more than a thousand times. We used a paddle, baseball bat, and the kind of rubber mallet that you use to pound out dents in automobile fenders. This relentless, painful ball bashing was not only safe (Jim has steel balls!), but intensely sexual--the more it hurt the bigger Jim’s dick got! Is this torture or is this pleasure? YES!

Buy Tough Guy! - $49

Stand and Deliver

Strapped tight with nowhere to go! Derek da Silva stands tall while Roger, Jeff, and Keith SLUG his swollen gonads. He screams and shouts as his balls are bashed harder by three muscled sadists! Like many guys with tough balls, Dirk likes his HIT, and that’s exactly what he got—first with knuckles and then with a custom wooden club. Dirk’s pain makes Roger shot ‘no hands’ so Dirk pulls and crushes his own balls hard enough to force his own painful no-hands load! -- the only double spontaneous loads on video except for the infamous ‘Beginners’ Luck Volume 2”

Buy Stand and Deliver - $49


We really mean it--DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! This video is done by experts only--NEVER do electro-stim across the upper chest without using equipment specifically designed for it! BUTCH GRANDE and Tuff’s Boy DREW are double-tortured in the Shotgun Dungeon--both hunks are wired in the balls AND on the chest to be zapped repeatedly. The pain is so great both men shoot screaming, spurting loads...and then are worked even harder as ROB INMAN and Roger go for their own!

Buy Electro-PEX - $49


DungeonFest is a FIVE-man ball-bashing, gonad-crushing, and nut-shocking torture scene, nearly two hours of solid action! It stars the sexy Eric Carter from Self-Abuse Vol 1 and Beginners’ Luck Vol 3 trading slugs with Jim Roberts, also Derek da Silva, Keith of Shotgun, and Roger. This day-long series of genital pain endurance contests features tough, masculine men proud to show just how much they can take—and give right back. If you like to see really built men getting hard and shooting off to intense bondage and CBT, this is for you!

Buy DungeonFest! - $49

Released Nov, 2010.

Excruciating Vol. 7

Excruciating Vol. Seven continues the Shotgun tradition of saving the best of the best for the E Series, with five incredibly painful scenes—over two hours of extreme, sexual genital TORTURE! Ball crushing, clubbing (check out that baseball bat!), piercing, electro-torture, dick clubbing, and load after load—this is acting, just real MEN, real PAIN, genuine AGONY! Starring Chuck Mitchell, Jim Roberts, Roger, and newcomer built and hung Rolf. Each man is forced to ejaculate through torture before longer sessions of even more agonizing pain endurance begin. As you can see by the pics here, each man’s stunning musculature flexes to the max as he strains against his bondage and screams into his gag—hot!

Buy Excruciating Volume 7 - $69.

Endurance Vol. 3

Muscular and horny Anthony who starred in Bottom’s Up! endures a test of sexual endurance on the Blue Steel Rack. He shoots ‘no hands’ when his balls are crushed and has to endure another hour and a half of intense electro-genitorture to made him shoot again! His long day of bound-and-gagged torture ended with a long, PAINFUL ball bashing to get his Top to shoot ‘no hands’.

After the heavy bondage and ball torture he got in Flip for It, Matt’s fans wrote in and demanded to see him tortured even harder....”What the hell, how bad can it get?”, he asked. So Jeff and Roger tied and gagged Matt for over two more hours of HARD torture sex!

Buy Endurance Vol. 3 - $49

Turn About is Fair Play!

Newcomer Butch Grande (check out that hairy chest and those GUNS!), Rob Inman, Jim Roberts, and Roger in a 'Hit me and I'll hit you right BACK ball bash!’. These masculine guys got into a ball pain contest-- who could take the longest and hardest nut crushing? Who could take the hardest ball HITTING? This hour and forty minute DVD is ALL Action, no plot, no script.....and NO acting! Real men, real testicle pain--genuine AGONY, and intense pain-driven, shooting loads!

Buy Turn About is Fair Play - $49.
Just released November 22nd, 2009!

Ball Busters TWO

Rob Inman is a Top in his own right--with but steel nuts! Rob told Roger, “You can’t make me say Stop! Hit ‘em, pull my balls as hard as you want....even slug them!” We’d heard this from sexy Derek da Silva for Breaking Point, and that ended in tears—masculine but hot! Rob was every bit the tough guy he claimed to be, but we finally did get him to say it, “Stop, STOP man, you’re killing my nuts! “ We did stop, sometime later... but we took all day crushing and hitting Rob’s increasingly sore balls! You can see his struggle to retain his pride-- and his wits!

Buy Ball Busters Volume TWO $49.

Double Play!

Some things hurt so good you just have to do them again! Tough Jim Roberts came to us with an idea....”How would it feel if you tied me up and hung me upside down, put 25lbs on my balls and stuck a dildo coated with Ben-Gay, Icy Hot, and hot pepper sauce into me? ...I wonder if I’d dig it or hate it?” He DID hate it.....and then asked for it again two weeks later....only HARDER!

Buy Double Play! $49.

Center of Attention TWO

There’s nothing like a Shotgun orgy where everyone gets their balls pulled, punched, and crushed, even the Tops! Tall and handsome silver haired Rico is used to being the one tying another guy down and working over his nuts. He’s a confident and sadistic Top... but when the gang showed up Rico found his balls in a vise! Starring Rob Inman, Rico Hall, Paul Skyler and Roger in a mutual day-long ball-busting contest--who could take the most-and who coud shoot the most!

Buy Center of Attention Volume TWO $49.
Just released October 5th, 2009!
Buy Endurance Vol. TWO $49.0

Recent releases

Ball Busters Vol. 1 and The Anvil Vol. 1
Click for more information.

Buy Ball Busters Volume 1 $49.

Buy The Anvil Volume 1 $49.
Squeeze Play!—Starring Tony Buff (Titan Media Exclusive appearing by special permission) and Derek da Silva, Squeeze Play!
blasts off with over two hours of nut-crushing, ball bashing, ballbusting, body-shaving,
big-dicked, muscled men, high PAIN, cock and BALL TORTURE! $39 + $6 for shipping in the U.S.

Mail order forms to: 2215R Market ST #453
San Francisco
CA 94114
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squeeze play ballbusting video
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Two and three minute clips from 36 different videos

NEW TRIPLE-LENGTH SAMPLER VIDEO! 2-3 minute clips of the hottest moments from 33 Shotgun Video titles and 1 Rigid Video title! It features extreme bondage, killer muscle men, B&D, heavy CBT, monster dicks and 70+ explosive loads! Find out what real S&M is all about- continous hardcore action! Here are some REVIEWS: "…Shotgun Video: a company that gives you more bang for your fuck…and guarantees you'll be going home with your nuts in a sling." —UNZIPPED "What you'll see are some very hunky guys who are really into their SMBD scenes, which are, incidentally, being filmed." —International Leatherman "Top notch S&M. Shotgun continues to deliver extreme testicle torture." —Drummer "Their performers are all very sexy, masculiine men, sometimes pumped bodybuilders, sometimes boys, but always MEN'S MEN…Shotgun videos provide authentic action on a number of levels by real players who are really into their scenes!" —International Leatherman


New releases -- Available Now!

Excruciating Vol. Six—It’s finally here, one hour, fifty seven minutes of the most incredibly painful CBT and genital torture you’ll ever see on DVD! Newcomer Chuck Mitchell gets slugged and clubbed in the balls 650 times—he wanted balls the size of lemons and he got ‘em. Four hot scenes with the sexy and muscular Jim Roberts and absurdly hung Michael Evans, showcasing a new 300lb steel bondage board with screaming helmet, several electrical ball zappers, and a double-cattle prod scene!

New Releases! - Click on links below for DVD covers and to order

  • Bottoms UP!—This is where sexy Jim Roberts found that he didn't have to be tied down to enjoy getting bashed in the nuts! Of course we tied him down later, a guy can only take so much slugging before you HAVE to restrain him. Also featuring Keith and spectacularly handsome newcomer J.B., including a Bonus Torture Afternoon.
  • Flip for It!— Two short built (truly muscular) Tops tie and torture each other-- GREAT bondage! Four hot scenes, with each man getting the other back. Derek da Silva and great newcomer Matt show each other how to give it...and how to take it!
  • Beginner's Luck Vol THREE—Three and a half hrs, 2 DVDs of CBT education, beginning play, predicament bondage with red haired bodybuilder Russ Carter and even bigger bodybuilder Steve Cannon. Roger looks small next to these bulls!
  • Self Abuse ONE—Russ Carter, a big, handsome, and hung red-haired bodybuilder tortures his own balls HARD! For three scenes he works his balls until they’re black and blue! At 6’4”, 235 lbs, that 50inch chest and size twelve shoes aren’t the only things big on this man
  • Self Abuse TWO— Hairy bodybuilder Steve Parker electrifies his own huge dick & balls, sticking a massive steel rod down that monster dick of his. He can take heavy self inflicted pain due to his great will power developed in daily gym workouts. Steve looks better than ever!

The Excruciating Series--WARNING! These videos contain extended scenes of very heavy pain!

  • Excrutiating, Vol. 1—5 REAL TORTURE SCENES with testicle piercing, lots of electricity and the terrible cattle prod. Not for the faint of heart!
  • Excrutiating, Vol. 2—5 intense scenes. Dick and deep testicle piercing, metal sounds (with the needles and sound used as electrodes!!!), ball stomping, iron weights, nut clubbing and the dreaded cattle prod. A real screamer. You won't believe your eyes.
  • Excrutiating, Vol. 3—5 super-violent scenes Creative and terrible tortures, diabolical bondage, muscle and MORE MUSCLE. You've never seen anything like it.
  • Excrutiating, Vol. 4— 5 EXTREME scenes from the Shotgun vaults - heavy pain, ball bashing, testicle piercing, electro-torture (including a cattle prod) and creative, no-exit bondange.
  • Excrutiating, Vol. 5 Stand & Stomp!—4 heavy scenes. This is one HOT, VIOLENT video! Clubs, kicking tenderized testicles, screaming, writhing muscles, and sheer guts.
  • Excruciating Vol. 6—It’s finally here, one hour, fifty seven minutes of the most incredibly painful CBT and genital torture you’ll ever see on DVD! Newcomer Chuck Mitchell gets slugged and clubbed in the balls 650 times—he wanted balls the size of lemons and he got ‘em. Four hot scenes with the sexy and muscular Jim Roberts and absurdly hung Michael Evans, showcasing a new 300lb steel bondage board with screaming helmet, several electrical ball zappers, and a double-cattle prod scene!

Call for a four-color brochure of the EXCRUCIATING SERIES!

Recent releases

  • Beginner's Luck 2—three men are captured turning on to real pain for their first time, and the loads are huge!
  • Lighting Strikes Again—see muscular Eric Michaels take a metal sound about the size of a railroad spike deep into his dick!
  • Breaking Point—Derek DaSilva comes to orgasm in this two hour long hard, BRUTAL, painful ball bashing video
  • Muscle Butt Vol 2—butt-whuppin as only Shotgun can do it! New-comer Miguel is nut-crushed, and jerked off before he's beaten black and blue with a metal paddle. Also starring Czech bodybuilder Anton Krol who as a taste for TORTURE!
  • Out of Bounds—Derek, Jake, Jiri and Roger do some really heavy SLUGS to the nuts
  • Endurance Vol I—the best PREDICAMENT BONDAGE is when you are tired down so securely you can't move but it hurts so you HAVE to move...except when you move it hurts more!

INTENSE S&M, Ultra-Heavy CBT, muscles

  • Bodybuilder Bondage & Domination—massive bodybuilder Nick Di Tomaso, Hot young Sheridan, & tough Jim Roberts surrender to some heavy CBT Shotgun style. Amazing visuals!
  • Switch Hitter—hot wax Master Brian Becke tortures Erik Mikaels, & then gets whipped and strapped brutally by Roger
  • Pleasure Torture 1—creative bondage, CBT, hot dungeon scene
  • Geyser Parade—4 victims, multiple loads
  • Tied & Tortured—electro torture, B&D, S&M
  • Power & Passion—2 tops sluggin it out, fucking
  • Ruptured—Dave North's ball bashing pain weekend
  • Consenting Adults—heavy nut bashing, a best seller!
  • Muscle Dad & His Boys, Vol. 1—body builder Master Rocky takes a tender young novice & "shows him the ropes."
  • A Leather Dream—a stunningly muscular real-life couple! Leather, Boots, Flogging, Pit Worship, Foreskin Worship, Rimming, Kissing, Sucking, Fucking, Bondage, Serious Edge Play & a Splash of Watersports

MUSCULAR MEN, heavily restrained, brutally worked over, & shooting monster loads

Muscles, Creative Bondage, Sensuality, Group Scenes

These 3 DIFFERENT videos feature over 100 loads EACH by an incredible variety of built, bound, and often hugely hung men. There are even a number of the famous "no-hands loads" from both tops and bottoms. This series features a veritable feast of hot muscular men tied upright, tied down spread eagle, sometimes mummified, gagged & even hooded. This bondage is intense! The victims muscles are straining, their pecs are pulled, squeezed & clamped & their tender nuts are whacked, zapped & crushed into load after tortured load. "Hang on to your nut-cups, boys! This is wrenching, searing, rip-snorting, slamfucking, screeching, hollering, thrashing, cum blasting moneyshots from beginning to end…"Salute" is an astounding and groin-stiffening record of guys playing hardball with each other. One helluva trip!" —HONCHO "If you have any doubt about why someone would put himself through this level of ball torture, the intensity and fluid output of the orgasms tell it all. This is INTENSLY sexual…" —International Leatherman

101 Gun Salute $49.
102 Gun Salute $49.
103 Gun Salute $49.

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