I started Shotgun because there wasn't anything I recognized as real S&M available. Many adult tapes have some great looking guys, and some even have bondage…but things never developed from there-it was all appetizers and no dinner! The worst offenders were the ones that advertised the heaviest S&M-all promises and no delivery. And we wonder how the language gets debased!

Anyway, like most people into S&M ('players'), I never watched pornography at all. Then a trio of events happened.

First my good friend Jacob asked me once again why I wasn't taping events in my dungeon. It wasn't exactly nagging, but the question had been posed more than once. Quite a few. Many times in fact. Come to think of it, all the fucking time…OK, so it was nagging! What the hell, it was a good question…and then in one month three of the most amazing men came into my dungeon and asked me to take them to their limits and beyond. All three were great beauties in their own way—one tall and handsome and muscular, one short and extremely built and masculine, and the third an intensely sexy straight guy who had heard there was someone in town (me!) who would hurt his nuts as much as he wanted. The thing that was similar about all three of these guys was that each one shot huge loads in response to intense torture—great arcing jets flying past my face. Such a sight, I thought as I dodged another shot—too bad others can't see this.

I have developed over the years a lot of technique that enables me to read an individual partner and slowly, deliberately torture him in a way that he finds un-resistibly sexual. Most of my scenes peak with a guy trying NOT to come because it hurts so good. By the time I let them/make them shoot, it's usually monster orgasm for them. I suppose this doesn't sound very modest, but what the hell, you tend to get good at what you have real enthusiasm for…and torturing men, seducing them into peak experiences of pleasure and pain-how could anybody NOT be into it? I sure as hell am, and am both a teacher and a constant student of sensual/spiritual/sexual technique.

Anyway, back to our trio of big shooters…I was just thinking to myself of how amazingly beautiful this really muscular short guy looked as he shot his guts out, screaming and actually laughing at the same time. I ran a shower for him as he tried to pull himself together and turned on the radio....and then I heard the words coming out of the speaker"…That's all for today. And remember, if you don't like the news, go out and make some of your own!"

Sometimes opportunity knocks…and sometimes it knocks you upside your head till your ears are ringing. I didn't know anything about video, about cameras or lighting (and the early tapes prove it!), but I did know what I wanted in my dungeon. Good looking men who are truly serious about getting to a peak experience of torture as pleasure…or torture as real pain. Real players know that some men are drawn to an intensity of physical sensations that would scare your average South American Interrogator. Great looking men in pleasure! Great looking men in pain who dig it! Great looking men in pain who absolutely do NOT dig it! As a Top, you wouldn't want to confuse the these three, as they are totally different animals, but all three make great video. The trick is to get it in the camera without the camera affecting the scene. The problem with most adult video, seems to me, is that there is no real connection going on between the people on screen. Is there any real passion or technique? Are they really having a great time? That is just about impossible on most adult video sets. Usually, there is some director barking orders off camera. In my tapes, the Top IS the director, and the bottom is taken as far and in whatever direction the Top sees as best. There are no scripts. There is no story line…or maybe just the same one over and over…'boy-beats-boy'. Actually, I like older, built men, and so you see 'boys' in my tapes only rarely, and never anyone under 21.

I like to pair guys with other guys that they are turned on to, and have them only do the things they would do if the cameras weren't rolling. I shoot with four cameras so that I can get every angle I want without any starting and stopping. Certainly in my dungeon I only tape a minority of scenes that go on—only the guys who specifically ask to be taped, are willing to sign a model release, and are ready to face 2500 watts of halogen lights. Most times my dungeon is lit with candles and very subtle light…but for taping the cameras require huge blasts of light. Trying to get a nervous beginner to relax and really get into it takes time and care, so I kept the lights low for years…little did I know that there are some genuine exhibitionists out there who got stiffer with each light turned on!

The tapes are usually far too violent for most people's tastes. I shoot what I'd want to see, not what I think some 'public' wants. I cut out a lot of the foreplay and build-up that actually went on in the scene and show from the point where a guy is so turned on that he can't tell the difference between extreme pleasure and pain. By that time, he doesn't care anyway, and you can tell by how stiff his dick is. I've been told several times that I could sell a lot more tapes if they just weren't so violent. Naw, not interested.

Do I play with every partner as intensely as I do with the guys on the tapes? Of course not, but I've given up trying to explain that to people who are too dense to get it. Perhaps because this is such a visual culture, most people are only going to understand what they see. If they see me in one of the heavy tapes (in the eXcruciating series, for example) the immediate assumption is that I have only one speed-'search-and-destroy'. On the other side, if a person who has only seen a tape from the Pleasure Torture series, he might very well insist that I am nowhere near heavy enough for him. Pointing out that they saw only a tape or two out of fifty makes no difference to some, they saw what they saw, and if ignorance is bliss, sometimes it's even ecstasy! In my dungeon, on camera or off, I take each person as an individual, and I go particularly slowly and carefully with beginners. Most people are surprised to find just how far they can go and really enjoy physical S&M when they encounter a sensual, patient Top.

There are several things you will not see in my tapes, or in my dungeon at all under any circumstances. No verbal humiliation or emotional abuse-not into it. No fisting, bores me. No minors, or unsafe sex, or unsafe torture.. Also, no rape. I know a lot of people out there have this rape fantasy flavored with some notion that it would be fun. Not for me, and I don't care to feed into this romantic lie. Sex, and particularly S&M should be done with informed consent. Finally, no drugs. Anybody who has to get loaded to get into the creativity of their own sex drive is an accident waiting to happen. Yes, there are a number of people who are S&M players who are notorious for doing 'party favors', but a lot of us don't, and it certainly doesn't happen in my dungeon. So what DO you see on the tapes? Well, as this IS a visual culture, and the best thing to do is get the sample tape to really find out. It's an 85-minute collection of several of the best moments from thirty different tapes-bondage, muscles, CBT, and over 70 pain-driven loads. What is CBT? What is a pain-driven load? Unfortunately, English doesn't work describing this stuff, but it's all there in the sample tape, in living, screaming color. For 29 bucks it can't be much of a risk to see if there if finally some real S&M on tape. It may be too strong for your taste, but I guarantee it won't be boring!