"Roger has managed to lure some very sexy
new hunks into the torture chamber."

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Ball Busters Volume 1

This one’s got it all...Ball bashing with fists, clubs, paddles, even mallets! Nut crushing, pulling, electro-zapping, and a painful new technique of wrapping elastic bands around each ball and bashing them harder!

First Chuck Mitchell gets double-teamed by Steve & Roger for a high energy ball beating & gets his balls put in a vise. Then Michael Evans is straight-jacketed in black leather, shocked in the gonads & squirts ‘no -hands’! His Top then screws carpenters C-clamps hard into each ball-- OWW!

The increasingly muscular Jim Roberts gets his balls BEAT over 200 times by Keith & Roger but still shoots off to his pain.Jim even holds his balls up for hard hits with the club--sweat was pouring off of him!

Hard muscles, huge dicks, big balls, leather bondage, flying fists, & great testicle torture gear--nearly 2 hours of ball-busting action!


The Anvil Volume 1

Yup, you guessed it, we used a full-size ANVIL, the solid steel kind that you hammer horseshoes on....and tied three guys’ pairs of balls to it. Then we took out a heavy rubber MALLET, the kind that you use to pound out dents in car fenders...

It hurts twice as much to get the balls hit against a hard surface--but it’s amazing how tough testicles (and our MEN) are!

These studs are powerfully well built, the pain is absolutely real, and the way these 3 men turned on to it all has to be seen to be believed! Nearly an hour and a half of solid action, including three ‘no-hands’ loads, starring Derek da Silva, Jim Roberts, Michael Evans, with Keith and Roger.

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