Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with Roger?

The best way is to E-mail him. Please give a short description of what you look like, your specific interests, and your level of experience. Include a picture of yourself, a phone number and the best time to call. Roger will reply to you directly.

"I can go a lot further if I party." Does the NO DRUGS ground rule apply to me or just to Roger?

It applies to you too. Roger does no drugs and will not play with anyone who does.

I like my balls played with a lot, but I don't know if I want to take it as heavy as Roger gives it in the videos.

Don't worry about that. Roger takes it slow and easy, and has a good instinct about how much a guy can handle. You will not be mistaken for a more experienced player. Even very nervous beginners find they relax quickly with Roger.

I like it so heavy I can't find TOPS who can hurt me enough. If Roger is so good with beginners, how can he satisfy me?

Not a problem at all. Although Roger is patient, gradual, and sensual with complete novices, he is also dominant, experienced, and genuinely sadistic. If you are a heavy player, rest assured Roger can stretch your limits, In any case, there will be no harm done. Roger is not into damage under any circumstances.

Since Roger is a TOP, I can have him work on my ass and fist me, Right?

No, Roger is a specialist. He concentrates on bondage, CBT, and TT only. He does not get into fisting, asswork, mental or emotional S&M, W/S, costumes, damage or danger, and most particularly guys under 21.

I am a muscular and experienced S&M player, and would like to talk to Roger about being in a video.

Excellent, please e-mail as above.

I do NOT want to be in a video.

Also excellent, only a small minority of Roger's partners want that. Roger is 100% discreet and guarantees complete privacy.

I have always been curious about S&M, but am afraid of marks and damage.

That is one of the best reasons to call a professional. Roger does no damage under any circumstances, and there are no marks unless specifically requested.

Do I have to be tied down?

Yes, particularly the first time. You will be let up in good shape and smiling, but if you are not ready to give up control, you are not ready for Roger!

Every time I hear the words Dungeon or Torture or think of myself tied down, I go rock-hard. Why is this, and why is it that sometimes things hurt so good?

Scares you, doesn't it? Unfortunately most kinds of sexual creativity are taboo. The good news is that once you've had some good pain-driven orgasms you get over your fear of the unknown. The bad news is that you have to exercise some real courage to find that out. Regular S&M players know that sensual genital torture is some of the safest and most satisfying sex you can get into, and it certainly produces the hardest loads. The intense pleasure caused by the right kind of pain must be experienced to be really understood. You need a skillful and patient TOP to teach it, someone who is both dominant and sensual. You also need an open mind to learn about it, and more than a little backbone. Also, the public at large make a lot of wild assumptions about S&M players (that they must be into drugs, or anti-social, or what have you). That may be just prejudice, but the thing about taboos is that they tend to get internalized. That is, you could get to believe it emotionally even when you know better. Still, for those of you who have the grit to follow their instincts, physical S&M can e the most satisfying intimacy possible. Roger teaches physical S&M from a sensual starting point, both challenging and stretching limits, in Win-Win encounters.